Why do you buy a car? The answer depends on the person who is responding to your question. For some, it is necessary to further their business while for others; it is a utility that takes them from one place to another. For many families who buy a Hilux UTE, the idea is to go on adventures in off-roading conditions and make wonderful memories.

Regardless of which of the above categories you fall into, you need a car that is steeped in comfort and luxury. Most times, the things you want don’t come built into your car simply because these parts can be customized to meet the preferences and conveniences of individuals.

A Hilux roof console also falls in this category of accessories that can be customized to meet your preferences.

Before we go into the different customization options, let’s start from the basics.

What is a Hilux Roof Console?

Have you ever seen a bunch of controls sticking out from the roof of the car? Well, that’s your car console.

This console doesn’t always have to be on the roof and can be on the center between the driver and the passenger seat or the armrest, depending on the convenience of the driver. So, when you choose the controls to be on the roof that by itself is a choice and a form of customization.

Now you might be able to appreciate why the car doesn’t come built-in with these roof consoles as they can be placed anywhere based on the driver and car owner’s preference.

What are the controls on a Hilux roof console?

Before we can go into the different ways to customize a Hilux roof console, you should know what the controls that come on this console are. Here are some of them.

  • Radio insets
  • DIN insets
  • Volume controls
  • Reading light that could also work as door lights
  • Speakers
  • SOS button for emergencies (this is available in the advanced versions only)
  • Door lights
  • Small storage space that is lined with vinyl sheets to prevent damages

While the above list of things is meant to give you an idea, they are not an exhaustive list by any breadth of imagination. Many manufacturers like the Hilux roof console are constantly innovating to enhance your comfort through more controls on the Hilux roof console.

How Can You Customize the Hilux Roof Console?

Now, let’s come to the question that we set out to answer in the first place.

You can customize a ton of things on your Hilux roof console. Here is a look at some of the aspects that can be changed to suit your preference.


Needless to say, you can choose the color of your Hilux roof console. Most times, car owners prefer to choose the color that matches their car interiors, so it gives a streamlined look and feel to the car. Sometimes though, car owners prefer to fit contrasting colors.

Let’s say, the interiors of the car are beige, some people may prefer to fit a Hilux roof console that’s black though it is rare. Most people though would prefer beige to match with their interiors. But it is good to know that you have the option to choose what you want.


A Hilux roof console comes in many shapes and designs and the one you want again depends on what you like. Some may want to have a low profile one while others can choose a high profile one. Likewise, your Hilux roof console can be an open facia, deep profile, and more. If you prefer to create your design, you can check if the manufacturer is ready to make a custom one for you. Nevertheless, you have the choice to pick the design you want.


As we saw in the earlier section, a Hilux roof console comes with many controls for lights, speakers, volume, and more. You have the choice to decide what controls you want on your roof console and the seller can suggest the appropriate Hilux roof console for you.


Another aspect that can be customized is the size. Most times, it depends on the size of the car itself, the height of the roof, and other pertinent factors. Car manufacturers would suggest the right size Hilux roof console depending on the year and make of your car.

You should go with their recommendation, though you can still pick the size you want.


The final aspect that you can customize in your Hilux roof console is the place where it should be fitted. You can have it on the front facia between the driver and the passenger. This placement is most ideal if you have a two-seat pickup truck as only the driver or the passenger will be accessing the controls.

On the other hand, if you have a large UTE that can accommodate a lot of people, you may consider installing the Hilux roof console at the center, so the passengers who sit behind the driver can comfortably access the same. This will be most ideal if you tend to travel a lot with young children who’d like to read or listen to something during the drive.

The last and probably the least chosen option is to mount the Hilux roof console on the rear or side of the car. Most times, the rear and side mounts are used only if you want to have speakers and nothing else as it is inaccessible for people to control other aspects when the Hilux roof console is placed at the rear end of the car. Nevertheless, it is good to know that you have a choice if you want to do it.

In short, a Hilux roof console is an essential accessory that can enhance the comfort of driving your UTE. The best part is that it can be customized to meet your needs and preferences and this is probably why it is a commonly bought accessory in the market today.